i want to dream forever with you

are you asking about my friends?

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11/100 pictures of Girls’ Generation that make my heart flutter.

73-75/50 soshi gifs(because 50 gifs aren’t enough) → 少女時代 2nd tour dvd


 they say you can’t but you can, they say it’s just a dream but you make it, they say you will not get for your dream but you get it, they say you don’t know but you becoming know everything. they throw the words to you in easy but you throw their words behind you and get in your only dream ” fame with love and friends ” and you take them in insistently and strength .. just keep smile, we always with you.

YOU make OUR life complete.

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pre-debut SooSica ♥

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thanks for confirming that there will be another episode for ‘the taetiseo’ but for not being clear about the whole jessica situation. letting us know about that was really a big help, thank you so much, sm.

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